Tuesday, August 9, 2011

guess what everyone!!
Jessica Faye Bergmann (yes, i just referred to myself in the third person)
is now on twitter!!!!
follow me o.O

yes, this makes me a total hypocrite because I'm one of those people who constantly bashes on twitter users, but I'm a born again person when it comes to social networking, so i might as well give it a shot :D

Anywho, i haven't blogged in a l o n g time, so i guess i should catch everyone up. [everyone being the 2 people who actually read this... everyone being the 0 people who actually care] okay! so it's summer timeeeee! woo! that means being tan NOT wearing bikini's RARELY and not thinking about school PSYCH!
okay, sorry about that downer moment, but in all honesty i've been loving sleeping in and hanging out with friends because that's what summers really all about :)

I suppose, i've been in a bad place mentally and emotionally for the past few days, but i have people to help me through it and to them, i am internally grateful ♥

on a side note: i'm trying to learn guitar! thanks to cameron mitchell for inspiring me, and my friend dylan and my brother for helping me out with this endeavor. <---- love them!!!!

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