Saturday, December 18, 2010

"I sit and i ponder"


too much is going on and i dunno what to do with it all.
some serious change is in need here..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I was up so high, lookin down at the sky; don't let me fall"


no. not the extremely difficult chemistry that so many people have a hard time passing in high-school. I'm talking about the chemistry that we share with those around us, as human beings. as entities in this little world that most call Earth.

-It happens to the best of us... where we find ourselves strangely attracted to those who we would never expect to have the least bit of interest in. But you really have to experience it to know what i'm talking about.

that was some random shit that i have on my mind - and now it's time to talk about some relevant crap :)
It's almost winter break!!!!!!! seriously, i've never been this stoked in my entire life!!!!!!!! I have so much stuff going on at school, and i'm really excited about a lot of it, and i really wanna post some pictures of my recent works in visual imagery and digital art for you guys -whoever YOU are - to look at and possibly give me feed back on ^_^ PS: THIS YEARS YEARBOOK IS GOING TO BE {AMAZING!!!!} <--- nother random tidbit [: again, i also wanna put up some of the photos that me and Code have been taking just around town and stuff haha memoriesss!!!

hmmm...... i'm supposed to take my license test on the 28th and holyyyyyyy shiznit i'm friggin scared! haha
anywho this has just been way to random and i have to find a thesaurus and finish my essay about MACBETH (duh duhh duhhhh)

listen to this

Thursday, December 2, 2010


here's what today had in store ^^^^

life............. is .. definitely NOT overrated.
just different.

it's been a while as i'm sure you -whoever YOU are- have noticed. I'm currently into my 13th week of my junior year at harbor highschool, and may i just say that i am not where i thought i would be last year. for one thing, i am currently riding the single train, and its weirdddd! Another thing, i have found my ultimate place in high-school and i have a certain someone to be my partner in crime (you know who you areee) :) For Jason: you are sooooo far away, and i know that things are way different for us, but you haven't lost your place as one of my best friends. you should know that already though. so we're kickin it soon. fashoo. haha!! As for everything else, recently i've just been trying to go with the flow of things, and go wherever the wind takes me. I'm trying SOOO hard to work on my self control in certain aspects of my life, and i think i've been doing a good job lately. ART IS MY LIFE! pretty much* digi art, art 3, visual imagery, and yearbook have been my saviors this year! I swear i'm starting to think and even DREAM only using the art side of my brainn. like, i've literally been using ways to relate photoshop to my life haha

there have been so many new people to meet this year, and a LOT of new places to go :) so here i am in space and time, just seeing where the next car ride in the rabbit will take me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

he's leavin cleavin sheavin. steven.

so, its that time guys. my dearest darlingest highschool sweetheart is movin to that far away land also known as covina. ITS SUMMER! but its hard to be quite as excited as usual because i'm not gonna have that crazy goofball of a boyfriend by my side 24/7 to read my thoughts and be the sweetest thing i've ever experienced. I'm really really really really gonna miss seeing his amazingly adorable face at least 5 times a week. and its kinda sad that people out there may refur to this post as a "gooey yuck fest" because i'm baring my heart and soul here!! JASON RODRIGUEZ. you are my one and only and sometimes you're all i need to feel semi relaxed, like my life may actually be heading somewhere. what you wrote in my yearbook was so unbelievably uplifting that i have no choice but to believe that this whole long distance thing is gonna be a piece of cake for us. JASON. when you meet your new people: don't judge them right away, look for the best in people and they will be a lot more fun to hang around! be yourself, and there is no possible way that they won't love you as much as all of us did. (especially moi) Go ahead and keep your "swag" on at a comfortably high level, but if any of em get to confident in attaining you i'm afraid either you or i will have to SHUT THEM DOWN BITCHESS!! haha jk... but seriously. go crazy with making friends, but don't try and attract them by doing something outrageous. ie: dressing up in women's clothing. telling people you're gay. strieking. acting like my brother haha.<--- idk. Anyways, i guess this is definately going to be a new chapter in your life, and it feels weird that i'm not going to be on every page of that chapter from here on out. but let me tell you my love.. i think about you day in and day out as the one guy that i can't wait to hear from. i love it when people mention your name in conversation because hearing your name makes me giddy. your hugs are the most stress relieving things that i have ever come into contact with. i need to thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder and not judging me for it. Thank you for basically making me feel like i matter a very whole lot to you because you matter a very very whole lot to me.

i love you babe. <3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what do you think?

tell me tell me tell meee
this is just a sketch of something similar to what i've been thinking about painting

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SNAILS incorporated into art..?


AHHH so in my art class, we're beginning a newww project! well, it was assigned a while ago, but i'm just now getting to the fun part :)so i'm still kind of sketched out about using pastels for the first time, but i'm pretty sure (judging on how things are going) it won't turn out too terrible.

oh! shitt guys, i went to Barnes&Noble yesterday and i was so inspired by some art pieces that i saw in this one magazine that i was looking through.
i believe it was in the most recent edition of Hi-Fructose, but i'm not sure.. maybe i'll put some examples of the work i was looking at.. mkay i'll definately do that.
anyways, i just loved the way that the artists incorporated human anatomy (sometimes in a gruesome way) with Nature into their work! gahh! so i did my own version of it while i was in
math class [: i wanna attempt to paint it, but i'm not sure i'll have time to get around to it. aight
well i'm gonna try and fine those pictures now.

sculpturesby:Kate Macadowell
paintingsby: James Jean

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the impossible game.

"maybe he'll get soo healthy that he'll just shrivel up and evaporate off the planet"
that would be my quote of the week thanks to my good friend alexiss

so.. haven't blogged in a few days, but i'm feelin in the mood right now(: so here it goes
blacklight dance was last night, and damn it was pretty kickass
i love the harbor dances.. regardless of how sweaty it gets on the freaking dance floor
after the dance, i spent the night at codi's and marveled at the amazingness of little baby parker ann<3today i hung out with some old family friends
i freaking love my uncle marty :D
why? because he completely defines the term "don't judge a book by its cover" cause he looks like a scary biker that would cuss you out on the side of the road.. but in reality he's like a super lovable teddy bear ^_^
k so, alexis came over around 7 or so, and we went to sushi at 8
bleh this feels super boring.k well, whatever. not my best blog
but i still love you all (:*you know who you are* <3

parker ann<3 vv

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catcher in the Rye (ketchup on the fry)

another sunny day
in californ-i-a. i'm sure back home they'd love to see it. but they don't know that what you love is ripped away before you get a chance to feel it.
back home by yellowcard.

so i've been up for a while now.. its the first day of spring break that i've spent on my own so far.. i decided to stay in bed until 2 and read catcher in the rye. it's too bad for me that the book has been a total damper on my attitude. sure it's a good book, but it's more than a little depressing. since getting up i've managed to
1. make a grilled cheese.
2. go on the computer. go on facebook.
3. go outside and play with a ball (don't laugh)
4. come back inside and wander around aimlessly
5. go on the computer. go on youtube.
6. go back outside with my ball.
7. decide to blog about it.
gahhh seriously?? human contact seems so necessary at moments like this. its like without people to talk to and be with, you feel as if your existence is meaningless, and nothing seems real anymore. even my identity seems to be fadinggg
this is unusual for me especially because i'm usually an up beat person haha
on the plus side, jason isn't moving in two weeks like i suspected he would be. i guess he changed his mind about escaping the evil clutches of his grandmother. i'm in love with him. People have their doubts about us because we're young but everyone has their own opinion i suppose (:hmm.. i wanna put up a picture of us just because everyone out their should know how awesome we are. bleh. hope my day gets more interesting

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


duddeee. easter rocks my socks!
1. because i get to hang out with my amazazing family.
2. <-- i get to make gnarly eggs like this one.
3. chocolate never hurt anybody.
4. 100 dollar easter egg hunt.
gotta love it<33
5. delicious food. yummz

that was a few days ago though. i ended up hanging out with my friend alexis, and her ex and a few of his friends. that was AWKWARD. for the beginning anyways, and then it got fun and we just chillaxed a little bit.
today coco came over and we've just been hanging out. we just went to subway and their was a cute boy working there. gotta love it lol
jason's moving :(
saw the last song. surprisingly good. going to see clash of the titans tonight. super stoked.
have to read catcher in the rye. yuckkkyy!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


ahhh! lovee saturday morning waffles! and not the cheap store bought frozen kind. sorry eggo waffles, i'm not satisfied till i get a mouthful of warm - crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside - home made waffles!! soo my dear friend codi spent the night at my place last night, and we went to go see a movie at ten o'clock with my brother and his friend michael. got home around 1 after stopping for a late bite at in-n-out burger. yummyy. anyways codi brought her amazing nikon camera to my house, and now i'm intensely laboring and slaving away over this keyboard to get all the pictures from our last weekend in glamis up on this computer! if i'm successfull
pictures will be here <---

Friday, April 2, 2010

so how bout this weather?

heh-rohh! so today, the sun is shining and spring break has finally come! so i'm very much so looking forward to this upcoming week because it will be filled with friends and fun. and sleeping in. hurray! today started off not to bright, simply because i rode my bike in the freezing cold without a jacket! 30 miles. uphill both ways. you know the story.. nah but seriously, on the way to school, i saw a murdered opossum in the middle of the road which i was almost certain was a terrible omen. thankfully the day started looking up when the weather cleared up and my friend brought me starbucks. yes. so i just rode back home with my boyfriendd. jason(: he's just walkin around my house eating my mac and cheese again, cause that seems to be the reason he loves my house so much. i'm stoked for this blogging experience. aight, well i'm done for now. latess!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

blah blah blah.

heyy ya. so this is jessica. i'm pretty sure no one's gonna read this, but i figured i wanted to try and give blogging a try. why? because, I, like every other person on this planet, has a bajillion thoughts running through my head every second of every single day. hmm.. lets start with how today's going. English: bleh turned in a shitty essay, hoping to get a c or higher on it though, watched a streetcar named desire, gawked at stanley's smexy body and laughed at the terrible acting of the time period haha. after that, went to break, hung out with my friends and my boyfriend, and the new kid who has an extremely up beat attitude which is hard to keep up with. Then the dreaded pre-calculus test. i hate those things. They start out ridiculously easy, until you get to the problems that are worth a lot of points. then you're fucked. its lunch right now, and i needed to get away for a little bit so i decided to come here and sit in the library and start a random blog. wooo! the bell just rang and now i get to go to PE. sorry if this is boring to tears, but like i said, i don't think anyone will read it anyways (: