Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I was up so high, lookin down at the sky; don't let me fall"


no. not the extremely difficult chemistry that so many people have a hard time passing in high-school. I'm talking about the chemistry that we share with those around us, as human beings. as entities in this little world that most call Earth.

-It happens to the best of us... where we find ourselves strangely attracted to those who we would never expect to have the least bit of interest in. But you really have to experience it to know what i'm talking about.

that was some random shit that i have on my mind - and now it's time to talk about some relevant crap :)
It's almost winter break!!!!!!! seriously, i've never been this stoked in my entire life!!!!!!!! I have so much stuff going on at school, and i'm really excited about a lot of it, and i really wanna post some pictures of my recent works in visual imagery and digital art for you guys -whoever YOU are - to look at and possibly give me feed back on ^_^ PS: THIS YEARS YEARBOOK IS GOING TO BE {AMAZING!!!!} <--- nother random tidbit [: again, i also wanna put up some of the photos that me and Code have been taking just around town and stuff haha memoriesss!!!

hmmm...... i'm supposed to take my license test on the 28th and holyyyyyyy shiznit i'm friggin scared! haha
anywho this has just been way to random and i have to find a thesaurus and finish my essay about MACBETH (duh duhh duhhhh)

listen to this

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