Thursday, December 2, 2010


here's what today had in store ^^^^

life............. is .. definitely NOT overrated.
just different.

it's been a while as i'm sure you -whoever YOU are- have noticed. I'm currently into my 13th week of my junior year at harbor highschool, and may i just say that i am not where i thought i would be last year. for one thing, i am currently riding the single train, and its weirdddd! Another thing, i have found my ultimate place in high-school and i have a certain someone to be my partner in crime (you know who you areee) :) For Jason: you are sooooo far away, and i know that things are way different for us, but you haven't lost your place as one of my best friends. you should know that already though. so we're kickin it soon. fashoo. haha!! As for everything else, recently i've just been trying to go with the flow of things, and go wherever the wind takes me. I'm trying SOOO hard to work on my self control in certain aspects of my life, and i think i've been doing a good job lately. ART IS MY LIFE! pretty much* digi art, art 3, visual imagery, and yearbook have been my saviors this year! I swear i'm starting to think and even DREAM only using the art side of my brainn. like, i've literally been using ways to relate photoshop to my life haha

there have been so many new people to meet this year, and a LOT of new places to go :) so here i am in space and time, just seeing where the next car ride in the rabbit will take me.

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