Thursday, June 24, 2010

he's leavin cleavin sheavin. steven.

so, its that time guys. my dearest darlingest highschool sweetheart is movin to that far away land also known as covina. ITS SUMMER! but its hard to be quite as excited as usual because i'm not gonna have that crazy goofball of a boyfriend by my side 24/7 to read my thoughts and be the sweetest thing i've ever experienced. I'm really really really really gonna miss seeing his amazingly adorable face at least 5 times a week. and its kinda sad that people out there may refur to this post as a "gooey yuck fest" because i'm baring my heart and soul here!! JASON RODRIGUEZ. you are my one and only and sometimes you're all i need to feel semi relaxed, like my life may actually be heading somewhere. what you wrote in my yearbook was so unbelievably uplifting that i have no choice but to believe that this whole long distance thing is gonna be a piece of cake for us. JASON. when you meet your new people: don't judge them right away, look for the best in people and they will be a lot more fun to hang around! be yourself, and there is no possible way that they won't love you as much as all of us did. (especially moi) Go ahead and keep your "swag" on at a comfortably high level, but if any of em get to confident in attaining you i'm afraid either you or i will have to SHUT THEM DOWN BITCHESS!! haha jk... but seriously. go crazy with making friends, but don't try and attract them by doing something outrageous. ie: dressing up in women's clothing. telling people you're gay. strieking. acting like my brother haha.<--- idk. Anyways, i guess this is definately going to be a new chapter in your life, and it feels weird that i'm not going to be on every page of that chapter from here on out. but let me tell you my love.. i think about you day in and day out as the one guy that i can't wait to hear from. i love it when people mention your name in conversation because hearing your name makes me giddy. your hugs are the most stress relieving things that i have ever come into contact with. i need to thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder and not judging me for it. Thank you for basically making me feel like i matter a very whole lot to you because you matter a very very whole lot to me.

i love you babe. <3

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  1. I don't know what else to say but I love you to and I'm gonna miss you so much!