Friday, April 2, 2010

so how bout this weather?

heh-rohh! so today, the sun is shining and spring break has finally come! so i'm very much so looking forward to this upcoming week because it will be filled with friends and fun. and sleeping in. hurray! today started off not to bright, simply because i rode my bike in the freezing cold without a jacket! 30 miles. uphill both ways. you know the story.. nah but seriously, on the way to school, i saw a murdered opossum in the middle of the road which i was almost certain was a terrible omen. thankfully the day started looking up when the weather cleared up and my friend brought me starbucks. yes. so i just rode back home with my boyfriendd. jason(: he's just walkin around my house eating my mac and cheese again, cause that seems to be the reason he loves my house so much. i'm stoked for this blogging experience. aight, well i'm done for now. latess!!

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