Thursday, April 22, 2010

SNAILS incorporated into art..?


AHHH so in my art class, we're beginning a newww project! well, it was assigned a while ago, but i'm just now getting to the fun part :)so i'm still kind of sketched out about using pastels for the first time, but i'm pretty sure (judging on how things are going) it won't turn out too terrible.

oh! shitt guys, i went to Barnes&Noble yesterday and i was so inspired by some art pieces that i saw in this one magazine that i was looking through.
i believe it was in the most recent edition of Hi-Fructose, but i'm not sure.. maybe i'll put some examples of the work i was looking at.. mkay i'll definately do that.
anyways, i just loved the way that the artists incorporated human anatomy (sometimes in a gruesome way) with Nature into their work! gahh! so i did my own version of it while i was in
math class [: i wanna attempt to paint it, but i'm not sure i'll have time to get around to it. aight
well i'm gonna try and fine those pictures now.

sculpturesby:Kate Macadowell
paintingsby: James Jean

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