Tuesday, April 6, 2010


duddeee. easter rocks my socks!
1. because i get to hang out with my amazazing family.
2. <-- i get to make gnarly eggs like this one.
3. chocolate never hurt anybody.
4. 100 dollar easter egg hunt.
gotta love it<33
5. delicious food. yummz

that was a few days ago though. i ended up hanging out with my friend alexis, and her ex and a few of his friends. that was AWKWARD. for the beginning anyways, and then it got fun and we just chillaxed a little bit.
today coco came over and we've just been hanging out. we just went to subway and their was a cute boy working there. gotta love it lol
jason's moving :(
saw the last song. surprisingly good. going to see clash of the titans tonight. super stoked.
have to read catcher in the rye. yuckkkyy!!!

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